Ibero-roman Days “FESTUM”

In our line of quality and uniqueness these days were born, which complement and diversify our offer, combining culture, specifically Iberian and Roman, and leisure, always respecting the historical rigor.

As usual in the month of August, always coinciding with the holiday of August 15 , Almedinilla is transformed and breathes again in its streets environment of past times, recreated in different dramatizations that stage moments of Roman life, in its people dressed in costumes of the time, etc., where the importance of the historical legacy of the town is further enhanced if possible .

The Ibero-Roman Days are aimed at all types of public, who for ten days participate and enjoy a varied package of activities, such as:

  • Thematic conferences of historical disclosure
  • Exhibitions
  • Roman Banquets, it is about a singular activity and consists of a dinner made with the recipe book of Marco Gavius Apicius (1st century) and which maintains the presentation, peculiarities and ritual of the Roman banquet. In the course of the same diverse theatrical interpretations are realized, through the corporal expression (Roman pantomime), that they tell us and they stage diverse myths and legends. Activity subject to prior reservation and limited places.
  • Visits to the sites with theatrical dramatizations of historical recreation
  • Romana Street, where a day is recreated in the daily life of Romans and Romans, you can find stands of handicrafts (reproductions of the time), Roman houses, street stalls, crafts, rituals, a Roman tavern, animals, etc. ,
  • Concerts of Greco-Roman music  
  • Theater
  • Typical games of the time for the little ones

In short, during a week Almedinilla will return to its time of Iberians and Romans, offering visitors a diverse range of activities aimed at the whole family.


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