Cañete’s workshop and exposition of taxidermy

Manuel Cañete is one of the most prestigious taxidermists in the country. Since 1969, he keeps working this craft and his works have crossed borders from France to the United States of America, going through Portugal. Although he works all kinds of animals, from African to native ones, he has achieved some special consideration in the bullfighting world due to the naturalness that he has got in animals from the most prestigious cattle raisings. These have been fought by the great figures of bullfighting such as Jose Tomas, Enrique Ponce, El Fandi and Morante, among others.

In this exposition, more than sixty pieces of taxidermy can be contemplated: African animals (impalas, antelopes, gnus…), big game hunting (deer, wild boar, fox, roe deer, Spanish ibex, mouflon… ), small game hunting (several birds and rabbits), and brave bulls and horses of course. Other works are displayed such as busts of famous bullfighters, furs, jewellery and accessories made of antlers and tusks that show the versatility of its author.

Almodóvar del Río


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