Collection of sewing machines and bullfighting posters of Antonio Ramos

The founder of this collection aroused concern by sewing machines in 1980 when they repaired one of his own family. Since then he has collected around two hundred of them, the oldest one, from 1860. They are all of different types and more than 10 nationalities, which take us through the evolution of this great invention. He has real jewels, because of their uniqueness, among them, we can highlight a special one limited edition, built because of the 50th anniversary of the Singer Factory. There are only 12 of them in Spain. You will also be able to see an ‘Elna’ designed specifically for disable people of the Second World War. His collector’s passion is completed with a sample of more than 500 bullfighting posters from 1887 to 1970 where there are the most significant bullfighting figures of all times.

Almodóvar del Río


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