Ethnological Museum Ángel Estevez

Visiting the Ethnological Museum is to plunge into the past through its more than 4000 pieces in exhibition that makes it unique in the province of Córdoba.  From a small family legacy, its creator has been collecting pieces uninterruptedly since 1970 with pieces of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.  Through these items we access to modes of life already extinct where agriculture and livestock played a key role for the economy and for subsistence, and where trades were done in a traditional way with the help of a little and rudimentary technology. We can also make a tour of mechanization and the technological advances that emerged as a result of the industrial revolution with machines that will surprise us, never obviating the invention that brought all these new ideas, technologies and advances: the railroad. Enjoy your trip through history!

Almodóvar del Río


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