Mosaic workshop

Angel Vargas mosaic handicraft workshop works since 2001. This self-taught craftsman knew how to combine his passion for the culture and classical archaeology with his artisan skills and turn them into mosaics that are authentic wonders.

It has managed to dominate ancient and modern techniques to make works inspired by the classical and Byzantine world and own designs which use about 10,000 pieces per m2 of different materials such as marble, natural stone, pebbles of river and enamels and vitreous paste. It uses the technique of the micromosaic for the most precise details with tesserae of a few 4 mm2 approximately.

In his workshop we can learn first-hand how to create a mosaic from design to finish going through the preparation of materials, as well as admire the diverse works of their exposure. A real class of history and craftsmanship that leaves no one indifferent.

Almodóvar del Río


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