City Museum and Interpretive Centre

On the pediment of its monumental stone façade, the date of construction is specified: 1755, and the Quintanilla family coat of arms can be found.

The Mudejar-style decorative plasterwork on the balconies mouldings is particularly worthy of note.

This house is a typical example of Sevillian ancestral architecture.

The central courtyard has a square floor plan and the rooms are arranged around it on two floors.

Hanging on the stairs area is a remarkable painting of the Virgen de Gracia.

Baptismal font made of glazed clay from the 15th century

The Marqués de las Torres palace house is an excellent example of the 18th century palatial architecture in Carmona. It is a central location in the city and is currently home to the Centre of Interpretation and the city museum.

This centre opened its door with the present exhibition, which does not pretend to be an exhaustive analysis of the history, but rather an attempt to outline a series of approaches to this history. The visit to the centre is made by walking through the sequence of chronologically ordered rooms.

Address: San Ildefonso Street, 1.


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