Puente Genil


P uente Genil is located in the south west of Cordoba province, sharing borders with Cordoban towns  Santaella and Aguilar de la Frontera on north, SevillianBadolatosa, Casariche and Estepa on South, Aguilar de la Frontera on East and Estepa and Herrera on West.

It is the second largest town in Cordoba province with an area of 169,5 kmdistributed on an almost circular morphology with its biggest dimensions in North-South direction of around 16.500 metres  and 14,500 metres in East-West. Puente Genil city centre is 171 metres above sea level and it is within Campiña Sur Cordoban región.

Its geographical location brings it closer to the main Andalousian capitals: Córdoba (45 minutes), Seville and Málaga (1 hour) and Granada (90 minutes). Likewise there are numerous train connections with Madrid, Córdoba, Málaga and Algeciras and of course the AVE ( high speed train) Station, that gives an exta boost to the town.


Oficina Municipal de Turismo


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