Yeso Cave

Highway A-3125. PK. 26.3.



Guided and arranged visit at the Tourist Information Office, groups of 12 people maximum from Friday to Sunday, shifts at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 17:00 and 18:00.

It is the fourth largest gypsum cave in Spain and the first to open its doors to the public. It stands out for being the only existing cavity in the Guadalquivir Valley and for being the only one of water origin in Córdoba.

The walkable route is 200 meters and its duration is one hour. Through walkways and stairs, the visit is comfortable and accessible. Although it has interior lighting, the visitor will have at the beginning of the visit a helmet with a frontal light to increase visibility.

In its various galleries and rooms, magnificent forms of plaster crystals, lakes and whimsical formations can be appreciated. The cavity is also home to a large colony of bats, also a species of shrimp that could be unique in the world as pointed out by various European, Canadian and Chilean researchers.

The cavity maintains a constant temperature all year round, about 21 degrees. Its humidity exceeds 90%, which makes the thermal sensation resemble a tropical climate.

How to get to the Cavity?

From Baena, taking the A-3125 road towards Cañete de las Torres, passing the bridge over the Guadajoz river at km 26,300, on the left we find La Venta de la Maturra, an ideal place to leave the vehicles (POINT 0- 30S 380436 4170795 ED50D), in this place visitors will be picked up by the guide who will accompany them on the visit, it is recommended to be 10 minutes in advance.


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